How to Find Your Old School Mates And Start Your School Reunion


Woke up with an amazing idea? Suddenly decided what a great idea it is to bring the class of 1974 back to life? Where to begin? Well it is usually easy to find 80% of a class these days thanks to the internet. Finding the other 20% is more difficult but as some people tend to keep in contact with old school friends that may not be so hard a task as it seems. Obviously it would be great to achieve a 100% attended school reunion, life isn't always that pleasing though.

The first thing is to gain access to websites which can make your life a lot easier. There are several school reunion websites that will assist in making your job of a school reunion that much easier.

Seek out websites like Classmates and FriendsReunited. These websites while not used daily, often catch people out when the individual ex-pupils or workmates have a hankering for the past. They may only have been on the website one day in the last ten years but may have input enough information to allow you to contact them.

Register and give it a spin. You'll need the obvious data, year of leaving, class and all of a sudden names will start to appear. Next simply work out if you're going to try to achieve a class reunion or a get together of the whole year. Now as much as you feel this is your role in life, this is an immense task to get under way. You require a deputy or two. If you kept in touch with other school mates, get in contact and ask if they're keen to assist. If not, contact someone on the old friends website and see if they are willing.

You should now have a few on board to assist. They may be eager also to catch up on friends, old flames and see what everyone else is up to. Next, call the school, let them know of your plans and see how they can help. Maybe a teacher is still floating around form when you was a pupil. The school can't give you people's details but they may be able to inform ex-classmates on your behalf.

Now it's in full swing. You can contact everyone on the list. Of course beforehand you need a loose date in the future and perhaps a venue - the school perhaps? It will certainly lower the budget and they even host it entirely for free. Inform people and check availability. The initial email is also to alert old classmates to get in touch with others they may still know.

Before you know it, your school reunion is becoming a reality. Your committee is helping, the people you wish to bring together are also trying to look for those that are 'missing' too. You can all turn to twitter, facebook or the old fashioned phone directory to trace your old friends.

The objective is to inform and entice. Once you have enough people confirmed as interested you can formerly book the venue and firm up the date for your school reunion to take place. It is usually a good idea to plan a year in advance, this gives everyone plenty of opportunity to track down more so when the register is called out, everyone possible is in attendance.