The Internet Turns Your School Reunion Into A Reality


Before the scourge which is the internet was invented, your personal life and daily activities could be kept a relative secret. Today however everyone can know and see what you're doing, especially if you're constantly telling people via Twitter and MySpace.

You never quite know who is reading your posts and daily updates. Those drunken tweets at 3am, the time you was really upset after your girlfriend dumped you. That embarrassing story that was only meant for you friends on the private list. Who is reading your updates anyway? "FrostyBigEars999... did I go to school with you?" You ask after a tweet reminds you of an encounter years ago in secondary school. What are the odds? No, surely not!

Facebook, LinkedIn All Keep You Social Even When You Don't Wish To Be

These days as school leavers, promises of yes sure, I'll keep in touch are more possible to keep even though you may not wish to. They already know your Facebook, they will find you on LinkedIn and Twitter too. Whether you like it or not.

These however can be good things but do they make your school reunion less of an occasion? Not entirely, unless you're into YouTube and Instagram many people won't know what you look like and an online persona can often be completely different to how you would act with someone face to face.

As much as the online world can tell us about someone, very rarely do they know us completely. OK, the mistakes and actions are unmistakeably you but the real truth behind them, no one can ever know. Yet they do form pictures and maps of our lives.

More Official Ways And Trusted Avenues To Make Your School Reunion A Reality

Since the mid 1990's before Twitter was unleashed unto the world the best way to keep in contact and keep track of old school friends, was via a website like FriendsReunited. Which today still exists along with many similar offerings. The basis of this online directory was to enable live offerings to its users. A messaging system, a live status report on your current location, whether you were single or married. Offering a way to announce occasions and events and generally an ability to reconnect.

They also allow users to group friends by school, view old mates by class and makes organising a school reunion that much easier to do. These websites do so much more than any social network or Twitter like feed. Specific information is relayed to all your class mates whenever necessary.

Emigrated, got married, divorced, children on the way, birthdays and anniversaries, new careers. These websites capture your entire life into a single snap shot. Making contact a breeze. For those who left school twenty, thirty, forty and even only five years before the internet came into its own, a school reunion website makes a real positive change for many people.

Others however would clear simply wish to forget their school years but don't be surprised to find yourself listed on one of these websites, you may have been more fondly remembered than you may have previously imagined.