The Usual Characters At Your School Reunion


This may be your first invite to your old school reunion. How long has it been? Ten years, twenty years, thirty? Either way, trepidation and nervousness will be the norm until the moment you walk through the door and find the usual characters as per this list, at which point you may well laugh at the familiarity of it all.

The Girl Who Married Your Science Teacher

There were rumours at the time, there were denials but it has just taken you twenty years to find out that the girl you sat next to had been in a relationship with your science teacher. Not only that, but he is there as well.

What do you say to that? Well you most certainly manually move your jaw up as they smile and giggle and think about all the secrets, you only wish you knew. Weird Science part two. You may not have slept with your teacher but you've certainly had just as much fun. Haven't you?

The Boy Who Never Stepped Outside The School Catchment Area

When growing up we all dreamt of travelling or working in the big city. Having great careers that take us places but this boy just stayed in town. He had a string of relationships, which everyone who remained knows about and he settled down, had a family and has a small business.

You ponder about your family life and wonder when you'll meet that special someone and have children but at the same time, all the places you've been to while travelling the world and convince yourself that children will arrive on that magically Crane one day.

The Dull, Unattractive Geek Who Turned Into A Princess

She knew algebra backwards, had never kissed a boy, a little unkempt and had few friends. She was also a little flat chested, unappealing to many and far too ordinary. Yet here she stands before you dressed top to toe in the finest robe, bosoms aplenty and had a glittering and successful career. Well done her!

The Bully Who Didn't End Up In Prison But Did Very Well

Being tortured at school or the victim of a school bully is never a nice experience to go through. We occasionally think back and wish him the worst in life yet there he is, suited and booted, and a nervous smile on his face but was he simply misunderstood?

He achieved success, the school bully transformed himself and his energies into developing and nurturing a top 100 company listed on the FTSE. You bear him no ill feeling, in seeing that he turned his early years around. You smack him around the head in a jovial manner but hard enough for him to recall who you were and move on.

The Family Girl Who Married Her Childhood Sweetheart

It's been thirty years since you last saw them canoodling on the back of the coach, behind the bike sheds, in the play ground, in the class while teacher was out, on the school trip and in the shopping centre and there they are again. Unabashed and snogging at your school reunion. Well who knew? Everybody obviously!

The School Monitor Who Failed Miserably

It's one thing being good at school but often events have a way of turning around and biting you on the bum. He grassed you up when you were smoking in the corridor. He won all the prizes and never once admitted another was better. He has failed in life and is single and is struggling to keep a job at McDonalds as a supervisor. You say hello and order a Big Mac and chips.

How do you compare to the above? You're not one of them are you? Your school reunion can be treated as an opportunity to glimpse at the past, at least on this occasion you can remedy some of those events, move on and cherish them instead. But the science teacher? Wow!